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Rules for using the apartments

  • The owner or his associates book the apartments through the Booking platform, Airbnb and: accepts reservations via the contact form or e-mail, paid with a deposit of 50% of the agreed amount for the stay by bank transfer.

  • The cost of cancellation and resignation from the stay in the apartment by the Guest is 50% of the agreed amount for the stay (the amount of the advance payment).

  • The hotel day starts at 14:00 and ends at 10:00 on the day of departure.  

  • Keys must be returned to the owner or his associates upon check-out.

  • Upon commencement of the stay, each guest is asked to define and agree the time of their stay with the owner.

  • Confirmed booking and not using the whole will be charged to the Guest  100% accommodation service.

  • The payment for the stay must be made by bank transfer up to 3 days before arrival at the apartment.

  • The apartment may be vacated after 10:00 am, upon agreement with the owner, unless there is another reservation on a given day.  

  • This can be done for an additional fee of PLN 50 for each hour of the extended stay. Leaving the premises may take place no later than by 20.00. 


  • The guest may not transfer the room to third parties, both during and after the end of the stay.

  • People who are not guests of our apartments may stay in the apartment from 8.00 to 22.00.

  • We kindly ask you to keep the curfew between 22:00 and 6:00.

  • When leaving the apartment, always check that the windows are closed,  lock the door.

  • We charge a fee of PLN 300 for losing the keys, PLN 300 for a remote control for the entrance gate.

  • The responsibility of the owner of the apartment for the loss or damage to items brought by people using its services is governed by the provisions of art. 846-849 of the Civil Code.

  • The guest is financially responsible for any destruction or damage to the apartment's equipment, caused by his fault or the fault of people visiting him.

  • Due to the safety and health of guests, smoking is not allowed in the rooms, as well as the use of heaters and other devices powered by electricity that are not part of the equipment of these rooms.

  • Smoking is also forbidden in the staircase. The smoking area is on the balcony.

  • The behavior of guests and people using the services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other residents of the building. We may refuse to provide services to someone who violates this policy.

  • Personal belongings left in the room by the departing guest or sent back to the address indicated by the guest.  

  • If you do not receive such an instruction, we will only store these items for 1 month.

  • Phone of the apartment owner and co-worker (from 8.00 to  22.00)  + 48 796 005 005

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